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The Organising Committee is proud to announce that the Final Program  for the Early Childhood Learning & Development Conference 2017 is now available to download. Come and be inspired by highly acclaimed international and national keynote speakers passionate about their research, their profession and the ways it can be used to improve learning and developmental outcomes for children.

Through a combination of presentations, keynote addresses, Q&A workshops and social networking occasions, this is the perfect opportunity to critically reflect upon the big questions that affect us all.

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This Conference will focus on the following themes:

Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Development 
Addressing the gaps 
The early years of a child’s life present a unique opportunity to nurture healthy development and research has emphasised the importance of the first five years of life including both positive and negative experiences, in shaping children’s cognitive, behavioural, social and emotional development and wellbeing.

We know that the experiences and quality of interactions in the early years provide the foundation for all subsequent relationships and learning including behaviour.

This Conference theme focuses on addressing the gaps that exist between what we know about healthy child development and what we do in our practices and how we ensure that children thrive. 

Pedagogy and Curriculum
Challenging our practices

High quality early and middle childhood programs require practitioners to make critical pedagogical decisions about curriculum content, engaging learning techniques and the most effective teaching practices for each child.

It takes time, effort and courage to develop the appropriate tools and resources for critical reflection. Stepping outside of a comfort zone and questioning one’s own interpretations can be confronting, yet these reflective practices help practitioners to explore new ways of thinking.

This Conference theme will encourage delegates to challenge their mindset and engage in thought-provoking reflections about professional practice.  

Family and Community Engagement
We are all connected
Respectful and supportive relationships are central to quality childhood learning and development programs. The best developmental outcomes for children can be achieved when families, educators and the wider community work together.

For real change to occur in the lives of children with developmental vulnerabilities, a strong cross-sectoral collaborative approach is critical.

This Conference theme will highlight unique ways of engaging with families and communities and the importance of nurturing these relationships. This theme will also feature a variety of learning and development collaborative initiatives, projects and experiences that are dedicated to improving outcomes for children.